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Forum Rules

Post  Saji Crossroad on Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:50 pm

Rules are still under construction

Language & Posting

  • No foul language, the mods will understand the occasional slip but please avoid cussing at all cost.
  • No 1337 talk. If you don't know what this means then you most likely do not have to worry.
  • No spamming. Spamming will be considered any posts in a topic that do not have any relevance towards the subject. We have off topic forums for a reason. (Ex: "I totally agree" ... Thats it !?!?! add some spice to your post)
Socialization & Accounts

  • No harassing forum members. If you believe that a member has violated a rule or has wronged you then please contact the mods. Do not resort to flaming each other or else you will both be banned and the subject will likely be locked.
  • No multiple accounts. You are not allowed to have more than one active account. If you simply want a different user name please contact an administrator (DO NOT REQUEST CONSTANT NAME CHANGES)
  • Any attempt at avoiding a ban through secondary accounts will result in a permaban. This also includes other peoples accounts. Using a friends account while banned will result in both users receiving a permaban.
Site Content/Signatures

  • Keep GFX reasonable. We will be very lenient with signature sizes and material but please keep it within reasonable terms. I am being lenient for the moment but if this becomes an issue this will change. This includes anything pornographic. You may post erotic pictures but nothing revealing and/or sexually explicit.
  • Reasonable terms would be a max of 600x300 size in your signature, that includes text and images. We dont care what you provide us with in your signature as long as it doesn't stretch out in the forums when you post
  • When making a post, please dont just post the link to news from a different site as a thread, at least have a couple sentences from yourself about the link as well

Ban Rules
1. All members have the right to appeal a ban and may be unbanned upon the approval of two other mods.
2. To file a complaint post in the complaints board. Your post will only be visible to mods and will not be visible to normal users. If you have a complaint against another user, have valid proof before accusing another user otherwise you'll be at risk of a ban yourself.
3. The following will result in an immediate ban.

  1. Any racial slurs or insults
  2. We will not tolerate the transaction of any illegal material on this site including, but not limited to, game codes and illegal firmware.
  3. Posting pornographic content
  4. Creating a thread for the sole purpose of flaming.
  5. Threatening a fellow member in any way, shape, or form.
All rules are subject to change. If you break a rule that is not yet added you will receive a warning and then be banned for repeated offenses after the rule has been added.
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